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Haley James Scott, Sidekick Extraordinaire! by southernbangel (Adult)

Title: Haley James Scott, Sidekick Extraordinaire!
Author: Lee/southernbangel
Pairing: Nathan/Haley
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Haley shows Nathan what a great sidekick she can be.
Author's Notes: Not mine. Scene extension of the most recent OTH episode and written for the nhlovenest Scenes we never saw challenge. Eh, it's not very good but I don't think I'll have time to write a completely new story for this challenge.

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What She Remembers by southernbangel - Adult Rated

Title: What She Remembers
Author: Lee/southernbangel
Pairing: Nathan/Haley
Rating: Adult/NC-17
Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters. Dialogue you recognize is from episodes 1x08, 2x01, and 2x17
Word Count: 6,260
Spoilers: Anything up to 5x22, especially 1x08 and 2x01.
Summary: When she looks at it, she can’t help but remember.
Author’s Note: Written for the Don’t say I never gave you anything challenge at nhlovenest.

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Sexy Mama by lorilozz - Adult Rated

Title: Sexy Mama
Author: Lori
Pairing/Character(s): Nathan/Haley
Rating: Adult Rated
Disclaimer: I do not own One Tree Hill or any of its characters.
Word Count: 4765
No spoilers after the end of season 4.
Summary: Haley James Scott is your average senior… average except for the fact that she’s married, pregnant, hormonal and extremely horny. Nathan Scott knows exactly how to handle his wife’s hormonal freak outs… by showing her just how damn sexy she is.
Author's Notes: This was written for the NH Symbols challenge at nhlovenest  . It is also dedicated to Susan xandersgirl18  for her birthday. Thank you to Dawn and Molly for your advice and assistance.

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NH ~ Just Married!

Official Welcome and Members Only post!

Welcome to NH Lovenest!

This is a Members Only, mature/adult-themed fanfic challenge community for those who love Nathan/Haley and can't get enough of reading and/or writing fics centering on the steamier side to their relationship. If you love your Nathan/Haley fics with a bit lot more spice, then this is the community for you.

We'll pick a challenge theme or prompt and it's completely up to you how you interpret it. It can be fluffy and sweet or a total angst-fest; after all, angry sex can be pretty smokin' hot, too. The choice is completely yours.

While other characters can, of course, feature in the submitted stories, all we ask is that the main focus be on Nathan/Haley and that they're the ones sexing each other up. This is a NH community so fair's fair, right?

A deadline for when completed fics are due will be provided with each new challenge and once the challenge is closed, a poll will be put up where the community's members can vote on their favourite stories.

From time to time, a graphics challenge will be set for the icon makers who belong to the community and again, when the challenge has closed, a poll will be put up for members to vote on their favourite icons/headers.

As this community is Members Only, you will have to JOIN and/or FRIEND it in order to keep up with new challenges and new stories when they're posted.

Please do not add my (bluelilyrose) and/or Kylie's (colour_me_jaded's) personal journals to your Friends lists in order to be a part of nhlovenest as that will not enable you to see locked posts. The only way to be a member of the community is to manually JOIN it.

If anyone has any questions, please post them here and we'll do our best to answer them.

Thank you!

The Perks of Christmas Shopping by sera_rocks - Adult rated

Title: The Perks of Christmas Shopping

Author: sera_rocks

Pairing/Character(s): Nathan and Haley

Rating: Adult rated

Disclaimer: Sadly, I don’t own a thing. Darn.

Word Count: 1,979

Spoilers/Warnings: This is set after James is born, but there are no spoilers I’m aware of.

Summary: Nathan realizes how rewarding shopping can really be.

Author’s Notes: I wrote this story out of excitement (excuse the pun. Tee hee!) so I’m sorry for any grammatical errors or typos, or maybe the text size. I had a tad bit trouble with that one, with the whole lj-cut thing. This is my very first smutty story, so I’m hoping this fits well with your standards! *crosses fingers*


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Hello, I saw the part where it said if I have any questions... I am a computer idiot (yes, I know that is not a question). I have a lovely fic for the contest but I don't know how to post it here without posting the whole story. How? How do I do it? Bec keeps trying to help me but it's not going so well. Please help me... And try not to judge me to harshly. As my mom says, sometimes I'm just a pretty face.

PS-I have no idea how to use livejournal. If this posts it's by some minor miracle.


Title: Been An Awful Good Girl
Author: flyingaimlessly
Pairing/Character(s): Nathan/Haley
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: If I owned NH, don't you think I'd be making them do stuff instead of sitting on the internet?
Word Count:
Spoilers/Warnings: Set post S5, no spoilers.
Summary: Nathan hates decorating the tree ...
Author's Notes: I'm afraid I don't know the word count, as Word was being particularly frustrating and removed that option. It's 5 pages in the Word application, not massively long, but I think it does the trick. There is use of a ... prop ... in this fic. If anything like that offends you, you may want to skip it.

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 Title: "Stealing A Moment"
Author: Cath
Pairing: Nathan/Haley
Rating: Strong Adult Rated
Disclaimer: Don't own a thing. :)
Word Count: 2,422
Spoilers/Warnings: Future one shot, set 6 years after Season 4 finale, No spoilers. :) Strong Sexual Content.
Summary: With two small children, Nathan and Haley make the most of whatever alone time they can get and a certain car ride is no exception.
Author's Notes:  This is my submission for the The "You want me to wear what?" challenge at  I really hope you guys enjoy it. 

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The Third Time is the Charm

Title:  The Third Time is The Charm
Author:  Bec
Pairing:  Nathan and Haley Scott
Rating:  Mature Adult
Word Count: 5725
Spoilers/Warnings: None past season 4
Disclaimer: I own none of one tree hill, which is obvious, coz if i did there'd be much more nudity in the show!

This was written as my entry to the 'You want me to wear what?' costume challenge on the Live Journal community NHLovenest.

Summary:  Memories can be painful, as Haley JamesScott knows only too well, but a spontaneous night out with Nathan could do well to create happy memories surrounding the stunning gown she wore the day she nearly lost her husband on the bridge.

Authors notes: A big thankyou to Lori, Dawn and Kris, who as always keep me motivated and steer me away from stupid ideas, and to Diane for being so patient with me and extending the deadline and even changing the wording slightly to accommodate my story. You're awesome hon!

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White Pleasures - Adult Rated

Title: White Pleasures
Author: Caro
Challenge: I’m Hungry For You
Pairing: Nathan and Haley
Rated: Adult
Word Count: 5877 words
Disclaimer: I only own NH in my dreams. Sigh.
Spoilers: A few months after s4.
Summary: Nathan is getting frustrated with the lack of lovin'.
AN: Thank you to Vivi who has pushed me and helped me read this over time and time again! She also helped me plan a lot of this out and I wouldn't have been able to finish without her. Credit for the title goes to her too! Thank you sweetie! Thank you also to Diane and Ky for extending the deadline!

This fic is dedicated to Kylie as a belated birthday present! I hope you had a blast!!! hugs! What better way to finish off a day than with NH smut?:P

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